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After 26 years in public education and at 50 years of age, Dr. Tom Hill left the University of Missouri, where he was a professor and administrator, to pursue an entrepreneurial career in real estate franchise sales. In less than 10 years he built a company that, in 1999 the real estate offices combined, did over $3 billion in sales. He sold his company in 1999 and now spends his time and energy giving back what he learned in becoming what he is today.

Tom is a husband, father, grandfather, airplane pilot, marathon runner, mountain climber, skydiver, writer and speaker.

One of Tom’s passions is to make a major and positive difference in as many lives as possible.  He accomplishes this through his professional speaking engagements, executive coaching and his seminars.  

He is the author of Living at the Summit and co-author of the companion workbook Life Plan.  He also is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul.  His latest project is Blessed Beyond Measure. 

In 2013, Tom co-founded the Tom Hill Institute, which is an online program that provides anyone who is looking to “Design an Exceptional Life” with all the necessary tools and resources needed on one platform. The program has thousands enrolled in all 50 states and 10 countries.

"Blessed Beyond Measure is a look into an exceptional life and an invitation to exceptional living!"

About Blessed Beyond Measure


Blessed Beyond Measure is calculated revolution the right way: one life at a time. It presumes to begin with yours by introduction to one man’s bold example.

That man is Tom Hill. Based on the content of Tom’s coaching material presented during a five country, seven city European tour, this book shows everyone – entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, sales persons, artisans, career focused young adults and professionals of every kind – the proven foundational principals of exceptional-life actualization.

In three tightly woven timelines, Blessed Beyond Measure is a travel experience through seven European cities in eight weeks, attendance at Tom Hill’s exclusive tour presentation, and the story of his own exceptional life.

Journey with Tom from London to Belfast to Venice, from his beginnings in rural Missouri to present impact and beyond, and from start to finish of his methodical instructions on “Designing Your Exceptional Life!”

Excerpt From Blessed Beyond Measure

We had gotten onto the mountain late, a major violation of our commitment to one another as climbing partners. Yale is part of a series of “Fourteeners” west of Buena Vista, Colorado, called the Collegiate Peaks. There are numerous routes on these mountains. We decided on the shortest route—southeast, climbing northwest—which was the most difficult. I would like to say it was because of our careful planning and experience-informed judgment. But it was completely dictated by the lateness of our start time. By the time we set out, we had just about zero OIMF! factor on our side.

Our standard goal was to be up and back, a completed climb by noon. The primary reason: deadly lightning storms that are known to whip up quite suddenly from midday on in the Colorado Mountains.

Up and back by noon generally required our staying overnight at base camp and getting an early start in the morning. My son, Scott, and I had been climbing together for several years. Our goal was to climb each of the fifty-plus fourteen-thousand-foot mountains in Colorado.

I don’t recall which number this was for us, but we had plenty of experience to know better than to handle the morning the way we did. We stayed in a motel near the mountain, left late, and hung around the base of Yale just goofing off together until 10:30. That was mistake number one. The southeast route was a three-hour climb to the top and back. So even the fastest route, perfect conditions, and a very efficient climb would put us at the summit around noon.

As it turned out, the conditions were perfect. It was a gorgeous day and the crisp mountain air encouraged our quick steps. Even so, the climb up took a little longer than we expected. At 12:20, under a thinly overcast sky and no apparent threat of bad weather, we were about a hundred yards from the summit—mission nearly accomplished.

Scott was carrying a video camera and his walking stick. He was ten feet to my right when I heard him yell. “Dad, my walking stick is humming!” I turned and saw the hair on his head was standing straight up.

“Dad, the video camera is humming!” He looked around. “The rocks are humming!”  Then I felt the humming. And with the words of alarm barely out of Scott’s mouth, sixty-mile-an-hour winds and hail exploded on us—no warning but the humming. “Dad, we gotta get outa here!” I looked up at Yale’s summit and yelled back, “I’m going to the top to sign the canister first!” And with that, I threw down my backpack and ran toward the top of Mount Yale. That was mistake number two.

“Tom Hill has touched the lives of thousands! He has inspired many of us to do better and to serve others (servant leadership). This book has inspired me even further, about the life that Tom continues to live. Tom Hill is a leadership icon.”

—Mark Whitacre, co-author of Against All Odds; subject of the block buster Warner Bros. movie, The Informant (starring Matt Damon, directed by Stephen Soderbergh).

About Tom's Speaking

Understanding Human Behavior

Presentation: On January 21, 1986 and at the age of 50, my wife Betty and I made the decision to risk everything we had financially to move to Georgia and to see if I could sell RE/MAX real estate franchises. I had never had a real estate license. My entire professional career had been in education – teaching and administration. I was told that RE/MAX provided no training of any kind – not in sales and especially not in franchise sales. So in February I created my personal sales model, based on “brain wiring and self-esteem.” I left the University of Missouri-Columbia on Friday March 7, 1986 and started selling Monday morning March 10th in Augusta, GA. The owner of RE/MAX Georgia would not let me sell in Atlanta so I was left with the smaller towns.

After starting I was told that about 90% of those who tried to sell franchises fail and those that succeed sell about one per quarter. My goal was to sell enough franchises and see if RE/MAX International would let me be 50% owner of a RE/MAX region. My sales model worked wonders – I sold 20 franchises in 8 months and in September we purchased the Kentucky/Tennessee region (I was only permitted to have 49%). I then sold 10 franchises in the last quarter of 1986 which made it possible to purchase the Southwest Ohio region in February, 1987 and the Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana (Dixie Region) region in August 1987. In 1990 my partner and I traded stock and cash so Betty and I could own 100% of the Dixie Region. We moved to Jackson, MS in July 1990.

It was an incredible ride, mostly because I was so successful in selling franchises in 1986. I give credit to a lot of things – timing – great product and my work ethic but the “212” degree difference was my unique sales model. I based it on what I call “Understanding Human Behavior” –“brain wiring” and “self-concept.”

In my presentation, I will share with you this model – I think you will find it interesting and informative. The beauty of it is that it not only works in sales but in all walks of life – in relationships, in leadership and on and on.

Design Your Exceptional Life

Dr. Tom Hill has the unique ability to bring the vision of an exceptional life to his audience. Utilizing humor, warmth and enthusiasm, Dr. Hill connects in the boardroom as well as the boardwalk.

Tom is a consummate entrepreneur. He has interviewed hundreds of successful business owners in researching his book “Chicken Soup For TheEntrepreneurial Soul.”

Key issues covered in his presentation include:

  • Defining the Exceptional Life
  • Quantum Goal Setting
  • 18 Months to an Exceptional Transformation: The Power of the G-Curve
  • Two Keys to Understanding Human Behavior: Brain Wiring and Self-Esteem
  • Quantum Physics in your Everyday World

Value to Members: Members will leave with a “how to” plan for reducing stress, improving the quality of life, and a new set of QUANTUM GOALS. Dr.Hill is known for showing people how to get off the “treadmill of life” and break the barrier of complexity to achieve their full potential. He delivers more than theory, he gives you new tools to take with you on your journey.

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